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This award-winning revival is proof that Tom Hadaway's classic play truly stands the test of time...


Blowin' A Hooley's debut production of Tom Hadaway's classic Tyneside play won Best Revival and Proud To Be In The North East awards. Written decades ago about a family struggling to survive, The Filleting Machine toured the region in 2017-18 and is a play that stands the test of time. 

"One of the most powerful bits of theatre I've seen in a long time"

The Filleting Machine is a 40 minute explosive domestic drama, documenting the life choices of sullen Geordie teenager Davey, and the venom spitting relationship between his parents. Davy is either going to utilise his O-levels to leave the estate far behind to please his ma, or graduate into gutting fish on the quayside like dad. 

It's a simple play which challenges the working class dilemma that the desire for self-betterment carries the risk of social alienation. As Davey's choices veer more towards dads side of the table than the aspirations of ma, there lurks the suggestion that his employment as an unskilled machine-operative will eventually put the manual workers of his parents' generation out of business.

This play can be followed by a workshop that aims to create debate. young people will get to hotseat Characters and quiz them about their choices. the audience will also be allowed to advise the young characters to follow their own dreams. 

Should young people follow the steps that are paved in front of them or aim higher and challenge perceptions. is it okay to accept the pitfalls of being working class or prove "we can do out, us!"

Watch Now

Watch our production of Tom Hadaway's 'The Filleting Machine' in 360 film for free! We worked with award-winning Candle & Bell Film to provide immersive theatre you can watch at home. Choose how you view by scrolling around the screen on your device or with a VR (or DIY) headset. Made with funding from Arts Council England and supported by the Hadaway family.

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